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“Mad Men”‘s Jon Hamm to play Archer?



archer, jon hamm, fx, the action pixel,entertainment on tap

archer, jon hamm, fx, the action pixel,entertainment on tap

Archer. The greatest animated series ever? Arguably. But have you ever thought of it being made into a live action film?

Well it seems producer of the hit animated FX show Matt Thompson wants actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men) to star in a possible movie based on FX show.

Matt Thompson told The Daily Beast that if a live-action film were to happen, he would want Hamm to play Sterling Archer.

Now, definitely, we think Jon Hamm has the looks. Plus the charm is also in the format of stripped-down, barebones but surprisingly technical animation. Not to mention Archer’s voice is pretty iconic. Thompson however has a possible workaround for that:

Maybe you could do it with Jon Benjamin’s voice coming out of him?


“You think Hamm could pull it off. Or would the franchise be better served with a feature length animated movie like the Simpsons? Let’s hear it in the comment section and Twitter @ThActionPixel


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