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“Tetris” Movie begins filming in 2017



tetris, classic game, the action pixel

tetris, classic game, the action pixel

Remember that Tetris Movie people were on about? Well it’s happening. For reals.

Threshold Entertainment Group has announced it secured the funding for the film. Tetris The Movie is set to begin filming in 2017 in China under a China-U.S. partnership between Seven Star Works and Threshold Entertainment.

So as one could expect, the major question that arises from all this is… what the hell will it be about? Dystopian builders union strike via terrorist plots blowing up buildings one block at a time? An action comedy? A Tron-esque sci-fi drama? Because Tron has been so successful…

Producer Larry Kasanoff, who forms Threshold Global Studios with Bruno Wu, offers insight into the project:

The plan is to film in China and other locations in 2017 with Chinese cast featured in the ensemble pic that’s billed as a sci-fi thriller.

Tetris the Movie, he also promises,is “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise”. The film is also said to be part one of a trilogy.

Let’s just hope the ‘L’ piece isn’t followed by a ‘OSER’. Or that squiggly piece. That piece is just annoying.

But something tells us with an 80 million dollar budget, they’ll probably pull something out watchable.

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