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CBS’ Supergirl S1 E3 “Fight or Flight” trailer



reactron. supergirl. the action pixel. @theactionpixel.

reactron. supergirl. the action pixel. @theactionpixel.CBS has brought together a true showdown of potentially epic proportions in the coming episode 3 of Supergirl, with Kara facing of with Reactron. But as it is with the Kyrptonians it seems, it’s a family affair, as Supes joins in on the action.

Not saying much for her individuality, but hey, we think she’ll get there… eventually.

Episode synopsis reads:

Supergirl’s powers are tested when Reactron, one of Superman’s formidable enemies, arrives in National City and targets the young hero. Also, Cat plans to run an exposé on Supergirl, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, November 9th on CBS Peter Facinelli guest stars as tech entrepreneur Maxwell Lord.

See the “Fight or Flight” trailer in the player below:


Also, check out this extended clip of the fight between Reactron and the Girl Of Steel:


Supergirl airs on CBS on Mondays 8 / 7c


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