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Zombi reveal trailer released



zombi. the action pixel. ubisoft. @theactionpixel

zombi. the action pixel. ubisoft. @theactionpixelThe epicenter of a new zombie epidemic is now emanating from the centre of Ubisoft with the reveal trailer for Zombi: Pure Survival Horror. And this time around Ubisoft is chocking the game full of more melée weapons. This however comes at a price; multiplayer mode for Zombi is non-existent. This multiplayer mode allowed one player to spawn zombies on the touchscreen while another player with a Classic Controller would fend them off.

It feels Ubisoft’s not taking on the world but focusing on the core gaming experience. Zombi producer Hélène Henry explains:

We kept the central idea that you’re always vulnerable. Rummaging in the backpack still doesn’t pause the game. We’ve added a dedicated button to access the backpack, which lets players see their full inventory and assign shortcut keys. We decided to focus on the solo mode, as we believe this is where the ZombiU experience really lay

And that flashlight that’s more of a curse when it goes dead, will have the option of a further-reaching light beam, of course at the expense of battery life. It’s always a catch 22 within post-apocalyptic hell-holes.

Description reads:

The nail-biting survival experience of ZombiU™ has been upgraded for download on next-gen consoles and PC. ZOMBI takes the power of the latest generation of hardware to bring you a new level of horror. Test your will to survive, but beware: death is permanent, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything.

Check out the Zombi trailer in the player below:


zombi. the action pixel. ubisoft. @theactionpixel

Zombi is set for release on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One come August 18th 2015


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