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Lego Dimensions Official Story Trailer released



lego dimensions. oz, batman, gandalf. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. lego. dc comics

lego dimensions. oz, batman, gandalf. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. lego. dc comicsYes, Batman, you’re definitely not in Gotham City anymore.

In the latest trailer for Lego Dimensions, the world is truly out of whack as we are bambarded by every possible classic fantasy and sci-fi reference we can pack into one trailer. We’re talking DC Comics, Lord Of The Rings, Wizard Of Oz, Scooby Doo… enough references that you could take into a job interview

Description reads:

When a new threat emerges, heroes from different worlds go on a journey together to save the LEGO multiverse!

LEGO Dimensions features an original story that combines characters and worlds from 14 of the most popular entertainment brands including DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie, The Wizard of Oz, LEGO Ninjago, Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo, LEGO Chima, Doctor Who, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Portal and Midway Arcade.

In the game, there is an ancient planet at the center of the LEGO Multiverse inhabited by an evil mastermind, Lord Vortech. It is said that he who controls the Foundational Elements that this planet is built upon, controls all of the Multiverse. Lord Vortech has vowed to be that ruler, summoning characters from a variety of LEGO worlds to help him find these building bricks of LEGO civilization. Some have agreed, others have rebelled, and only the combined powers of the greatest LEGO heroes can stop him.

When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away. To save their friends, LEGO Batman, LEGO Gandalf and LEGO Wyldstyle journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations, and they soon realize that Lord Vortech is summoning villains from across different LEGO worlds to help him gain control. As his power grows, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and time to rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of LEGO humanity.

Check out Lego Dimensions Official Story trailer in the player below:


See they somehow make it to the land of Oz, can we expect an Oz / Gandalf battle of the wizards? I really don’t see why not.

lego dimensions Dr Who trailer. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Lego Dimensions is set for release on the Xbox One / 360, PC and Playstation 4 / 3 come September 27th 2015


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