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Mutafukaz teaser trailer



mutafukaz. the action pixel. @thectionpixelAnkama TV, with French videogame and comics publisher Ankama is on the verge of releasing a Japanese / French animation Mutafukaz, and the teaser already has the synapses firing.

Japan’s Studio 4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc) is co-producing the Mutafukaz project.

mutafukaz cover Full. run. the action pixel. @theactionpixelMutafukaz is based on Guillaume “Run” Renard’s comic series of the same name. Mutafukaz is set in pre-apocalyptic American inner city called “Dark Meat City” — and revolves around Angelino, a young man who attains supernatural powers after a scooter accident.

Ankama’s official website for the comic stated that the film is inspired by science fiction of the 1950s, hip hop music, and wrestling. What a Frankenstein’s monster of awesome.

Character designs are far out and everything just seems to hit harder, and lots of attention to detail especially movement and FX.

See the teaser trailer in the player below:


Mutafukaz is slated to be released in 2017


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