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Vampire Hunter D licence acquired by Sentai Filmworks



vampire hunter D. the action pixel @theactionpixel

vampire hunter D. the action pixel @theactionpixelIf you have at any point been keeping up with our #TAP10 list of Anime Vampires (they are just the best kind), you’d have definitely come across Vampire Hunter D. Ever the quiet, badass Dunpeal.

vampire hunter D. the action pixel @theactionpixelWell, North American anime distributor Sentai Filmworks obviously respects the half human, half vampiric mercenary as they have acquired the licence to the 1985 anime classic Vampire Hunter D.

The 2000 sequel, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is currently slated for distribution through Discotek

In the Manga / Comic arena, Dark Horse Comics has been releasing Hideyuki Kikuchi’s original Vampire Hunter D novels in North America, with Digital Manga Publishing releasing a manga version by Saiko Takaki.

vampire hunter D. the action pixel @theactionpixelSynopsis reads:

In a far-future time ruled by the supernatural, a young girl requests the help of a vampire hunter to kill the vampire who has bitten her and thus prevent her from becoming a vampire herself.

Can’t go wrong with classic.

“Ready to add this gem to your anime collection if you haven’t got it already? Which is your favourite: Vampire Hunter D (1985) or Bloodlust? Tell us in the comment section.”


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