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The God of Addiction – Gabe and Counter Strike: Global Offensive



counter strike global offensive. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelThe Steam sale got me again. Yet more of my life has been made into a statistic by Valve.

During the winter sale on Steam I brought Valves bundle which had all the games they had made in it, it was cheap and I wanted Portal 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Some games to kill the time. Well, that succeeded.

I hate first person shooters with a passion; the communities tend to be the kind that makes you hate the human race and they always seem to punish late starters because of gear (I’m looking at you Call of Duty); it doesn’t help that I’m not very good either. Anyway, I’ve been playing with a friend and have found I love this game, it’s so addictive that I have played a lot in the few days I’ve had it. And I have narrowed the reasons down.

First is that I’m not terrible, I can kill and be the MVP and it makes me feel good about myself, people who have hours on this game can get owned by a total noob.
Second is the fact that ghosting is hilarious, if you are playing with friends and help them find the enemy, its hilarious to watch people who thought they were great get owned, yes I’m that kind of player Mwhahahahaha.

And out the top reasons the last is that I’m a gambler at heart, I love the addiction of those cases. I’m very much in the red at this point, already so much so that I’ve had to put a limit on the amount I spend each week hahahaha. Let me stress I have only owned this game one week and I already see a dent in my bank account. But yeah I have a problem already, I already know that Gabe hates me and I now have a fear of the colour blue. Thanks Gabe and Valve.

The only annoying thing about this game that I will say is why the hell is everyone so attached to the Dust II map, its not even the best map, give me Cobblestone any day.

As of now we’ve already pressured our other friends into joining us. I haven’t even played the game that I originally brought the pack for which is ironic, don’t worry portal once I’m broke you will get your chance.

Its made for some great game footage that I might do something with in the future, maybe something to go along with my League content. <– Yes, that was shameless promotion.

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