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Star Wars Battlefront Endor Concept Art



endor Star Wars battlefront conceptart. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Star Wars Battlefront is certainly on of those “a long time coming” games we can’t wait to get our hands on. Game specifics have been pretty heavily guarded by dev DICE, but to sedate fans they at least gave us a little bit more to gawk at. Concept art via IGN gives us a nice glimpse into the look of Battlefront: endor Star Wars battlefront conceptart. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

The stunning render shows some stealthy rebels armed with Thermal Detonator with her brother-in-arms holding a trusty rifle. in the background trouble and more is cooking, with Stormtroopers and AT-ST on the prowl, all staged in the hellish opera of war, the Endor forest in the background engulfed in conflagration.

An also interesting point the concept art hints at is DICE map design; Star Wars Battlefront will focus on maps with both horizontal as well as a vertical layout, essentially creating a more vast, layered milieu.

And thats how we like or mayhem. If the artwork is indicative of the sprawling worlds, intense and immersive battles we expect in something as epic as Star Wars, it’s safe to say we’re pretty psyched for this first person shooter. So this is why Disney pulled those Star Wars’ games.

Til then, catch up on some comic reading.

Star Wars Battlefront is slated for release in the fall 2015


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