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Godzilla Announcement Trailer



godzilla. Bandai Namco games. The Action pixel. @Theactionpixel

godzilla. Bandai Namco games. The Action pixel. @TheactionpixelIt’s common place now in epic films to see cities leveled by some WMD, or hyper natural disaster of some sort. But the Japanese scoff at Hollywood’s attempt at portraying citywide mayhem, something the Japanese are just better at levelling, in film and anime in any case. Bandai Namco Games wants to challenge your G-status bringing the “King Of Monsters” to the video gamersphere: Godzilla.

Synopsis reads:

Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, first appeared in 1954. Scientists studied Godzilla and found that they could harness energy from the monster. Called “G-Energy,” this seemingly endless source of power was used to better the lives of all mankind. 60 years later, just when mankind’s memory of the beast faded, Godzilla appeared again. Godzilla destroyed at will, all in search of more G-Energy. Such irony, the same G-Energy which was used to better the people’s lives, also caused Godzilla to awaken. Can the G-Force, mankind’s last hope, stop Godzilla? What fait awaits Godzilla once he has consumed all of the G-Energy, and grown to his full potential?

Bash your way through over 20 stages of mayhem. Explore Mission Mode, Diorama Mode, and King of Monsters Mode! Collect G-Energy in each stage to Power-Up your Godzilla up to 100 Meters tall! Your offensive and defensive prowess will increase with your size.

That ‘zilla roar’ is good but still a bit too 90’s, they could have used the guttural sounds in the Godzilla (2014) feature. But hey, it’s just a teaser trailer.

Godzilla is set for release on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 in Summer 2015


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