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Arrow gets Lego-ised for lego batman 3 DLC



arrow DLC. Lego Batman 3. #EntertainmentOnTAP @theactionpixel . the action pixel

arrow DLC. Lego Batman 3. #EntertainmentOnTAP @theactionpixel . the action pixelWB Games’ recently brandished a trailer showing a Lego-Green Arrow doing his Robin Hood thing. The Arrow pack is DLC add-on for Lego Batman 3 and brings the billionaire Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in on Batman’s action.

Inspired by the hit TV series Arrow, expect to see crowd favorites, including Slade, Black Canary and then some.

See the Lego Batman 3: Arrow DLC trailer in the player below:


The Arrow DLC for the Lego Batman 3 game is available for down today, January 14th 2015


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