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Every X-Man Ever: a Marvel-ous history of the X-Men



Uncanny X-MenTeam. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

Uncanny X-MenTeam. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelWe understand your pain. Since learning of Secret Wars agenda is to mindbend you into yoga positions that would decimate your spine and cortex into jelly, the last thing you need is anything more balance-upsetting. The guys at IGN knew the importance of this, so they made a succinct video of ever X-Man that ever was. Well most of them. There was that Cipher. The gayest X-Man according to Archer‘s Pam. Was he mentioned?

The chronological narrative of the X-Men is surely a twilight zone for the casual comic book reader, and it’s pretty easy to have your brain torn asunder with good guys going bad, bad guys going good, random players entering and leaving, time travel, space travel, alterverses and plain ol’ “I’m back from the dead”. So IGN has done a great job trying to put Marvel’s X-Men to a chronologoical timeline, shedding light on the colourful characters that graced the pages of arguable the greatest superhero team (or would you say it is the JLA) ever assembled. From the original team members, nemeses, splinter cells, affiliates and narrative arcs. And all that extensive history in 11 minutes. Pin a badge on that man’s breast, great sir!

Check out IGN’s Every X-Man Ever video in the player below:


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