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Marvel’s Doctor Strange 1978 film



dr strange 1978 movie. The action pixel. @theactionpixel

dr strange 1978 movie. The action pixel. @theactionpixelMarvel has been lining-up their cinematic releases for the coming years like ducks in a row. And one of these films is, as you know, Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer supreme, already been cast, is Benedict Cumberbatch, whose already summoning fanboy fanart out of the woodworks.

dr strange 1978 movie. The action pixel. @theactionpixelBut would it surprise you to know that there was a film already out about Doctor Strange? Yep. Not a hack or leak or anything. The film was made in 1978, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. It was both directed and written by Philip DeGuere. Stan Lee was consulted in the film’s production and it was basically a pilot for a proposed TV series. Pretty heavy stuff. Very 70’s. Reminescent of those fantasy Conan-y type art. The pornstache threw me off a bit, made me feel I was watching on of ‘those’ films.

So here’s to Ritually sacrifice an hour to have a gander at the film Doctor Strange in the player below:


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