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The Kingdom Of Madness And Dreams Documentary clip



kingdom of Dreams and madness. The Action Pixel. @Theactionpixel

kingdom of Dreams and madness. The Action Pixel. @TheactionpixelIt hit the anime-sphere like a comet when we learnt of Hayao Miyazaki retirement and the stopping of the magic machine that is Studio Ghibli. So once we started taking trips down past and present memory lanes with a #TAP10, the rich narratives formed by Miyazaki and the Studio, have truly captivated the endless reaching potential of the imagination and the medium of 2D animation.

As we often see the result of Ghibli’s fantastical musings, it is just as important sometimes to see the process of reaching to that point. Ergo, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, the much needed documentary chronicling Hayao Miyazaki’s groundbreaking career at the helm of the Studio Ghibli.

Check out the clip from the documentary in the player below. In it is a simple monumental moment of Miyazaki animating the last sequence of Studio Ghibli’s last anime feature The Wind Rises.

Always armed with zen-like calm and humble smile, you can appreciate the dedication an skill Miyazaki radiates in his work.

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