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Ishida Hiroyasu’s Rain Town



rain town. The action pixel . @theactionpixel

Now again we come across those little nuggets that remind us exactly what the internet was made for.

rain town. The action pixel . @theactionpixelThis lovely animation (A graudation film allbeit) by Ishida Hiroyasu called Rain Town is absolutlely lovely and boasts cinematic depth and beautiful design. The sound design and music compliment the absolutely stunning, melancholic aesthetics of Rain Town. It speaks alot to the power of a child’s imagination, so its quite Studio Ghibli-ey in that sense.


In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped. Residents moved out to suburbs and high ground around “Rain Town.” People’s memories are now deeply submerged.But into this forgotten rainy town
sometimes, someone wanders.

Awesome piece, and we think you’ll agree. See Rain Town in the video player below:


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