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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare… Zombies!?




Thanks to a klutz or few at Sledgehammer Games and the viral capabilities of Reddit and other social media, a trailer for Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare reveals the undead are due for a comeback on the game title. In the trailer we see soldiers fleeing from the shuffling reanimated husks, and that part where a soldier is heard clearly saying,

Soldier, look at me! Are you bit?

Check out stills from the trailer for you to get a better look:

COD Advanced Warfare Zombies

COD Advanced Warfare Zombies

It’s since been taken down over copyright infringement and Sledgehammer’s co-founder Glen Schofield pretty much gave us ‘well that sucks’ response to the leak. So we can look forward to mass re-killing and learning the valuable lessons Zombies has to teach us.

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