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Alien: Isolation – Trailer



Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

The classic horror / sci-fi has now been immortalised in a game befitting the creature with the duo-frenchkisser with the sexy exo-skeleton. HR Giger and Ridley Scott’s legacy will be done proud for the first time on the video game front. Which is odd as it was Alien that inspired the sci-fi horror survival games like Dead Space. Isolation‘s Alien is indestructible, relentless, calculative. The intelligent gen system definitely adds a lot of the creature’s character. Save for the odd level where you can get all trigger happy, Isolation will test your patience, resourcefulness and your mettle, from scourging bits and pieces strewn across a desolate spacestation to make useful gadgets, to avoiding detection from looters and the xenomorph. All the while trying not to be paralysed by fear.

You play Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, and the company, undoubtedly up to its own tricks again with some secret agenda, say that they finally found mommy Ripley. The trailers give you a quite intense, gripping  sense of impending doom and trepidation that may just equate immersive gameplay to sleep paralysis. Mainly because this game, as opposed to previous games in the Alien franchise, takes much of its inspiration from the 70’s classic Ridley Scott film, not James Cameron’s sequels. The decor has that rustic, clunky mechanical feel that pays homage to the 70’s film’s idea of the future, an authenticity that would be appreciated more if they would do away with the dim / flickering lights. Just make it really bright so I can see everything. Beats having a constant fear of being disembowelled or skull-fellatioed by some alien.

And while Isolation gives true homage to Ridley’s Alien that we will definitely want to get our hands on, we wouldn’t recommend playing it with the lights off. Or without a bunch of friends screaming giving directions where to hide strategically locate yourself incognito. The Sega game is aimed for release in the later part of 2014, definitely a game to watch out for. Check out the awesome trailer in the player below:


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