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DC Titans spring to Live Action




Time for the old dogs to give it up for the new jacks. It seems like the DC hive is brewing with activity, making headway in producing anticipated live action series for Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. Well, fanboys, it looks like we can possibly add another icon DC team to the roster: Teen Titans. The series will be called Titans, so our young heroes may not be in their teens, but more along Generation Y / young 20’s. So definitely will be see in Robin (or better yet, Nightwing), Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beastboy get up to their antics.
I personally remembered the Teen Titan animated series on Cartoon Network that premiered in 2003; it was action packed and quirky too, which I liked. In fact they have not been absent for too long from our screens, making appearances in Young Justice. And who could forget the Tiny Terrors:


But in this live action version, currently in discussion to be made by the TNT network, known for more adult orientated shows as opposed to the likes of The CW, we may be in a ride of the mature kind. A Starfire / Robin sexual tension. Some Robin / Cyborg rivalry? A Slade and Robin death feud? Just like Robin. To make things about his leadership and not the team. We await news on this one, gang.

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