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Bojack Horseman has it’s moments. It’s the kind of off-beat humour that will have you chuckling one minute and then smiling stupidly for a couple seconds too long expecting a joke punchline that postpones its arrival. But when it comes, you still get the giggles. A bit like Archer in a very slight sense, where the pace can be a bit slow at times, but when it gets funny you can really dig in.

In Bojack Horseman, you follow an ex-famous 80’s Hollywood actor, who just happens to be an actual horse, who bums out, living through his glory days re-watching his old ‘Horsin’ Around’ sitcoms and drinking. You’d think he would clean up his act when the Diane decides to ghostwrite his autobiography. To make matters better, he starts getting feelings for her is bestiality ok now?, but she’s kind of with Mr. Peanutbutter. A dog. That Bojack hates. Well, more like ‘love-hate’. Stronger on the latter.

Netflix has done a great service to film in recent flagship series, like House of Cards for starters. Oh that Underwood. So to see their moving to animation in the form of Sidiona and Bojack fills this animator with great anticipation for the future. And snagging Aaron Paul to play Todd Chavez, Bojack’s (drugged-out?) roomy isn’t something to scoff at. I see a theme here, Aaron.

The animation is as good as it needs to be. It’s comedy. You wouldn’t expect some extravagant, frame-by-frame renders, obviously. As it is with me, I fell in love withe intro first; Bojack drifts through the banality of living in the sillage of fame and stardom as the real world passes him by. Got to love the simulated infamous Spike Lee-styled tracking shots:

The success of Bojack Horseman has been somewhat of a feat amidst mixed reviews. Even with that, since its release exclusively on Netflix in August 22, the series has been renewed for a second season, expected mid to late 2015. So expect more hi-jinx from BoJack as he’s sure to rise to stardom on our screens in due time. Even if it’s drunk and staggering.

Bojack Horseman is available to watch Season 1 in its entirety on Netflix. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

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