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“Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Trailer



Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare © 2014 Activision @
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare © 2014 Activision @

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare © 2014 Activision

What better way of mainlining jingoism to the populace than an intense FPS that has been a bestseller the world over. COD fans, prepare for advanced warfare. If you’ve been paying attention, the extended trailer that was released recently gives us an insight into the new sexy features that we’ll definitely get a kick out of.

One, the campaign will be way longer. This is particularly good news, as recent releases have been quite stint on the narrative. Especially Black Ops 2. Woof. Talk about short-changed. But it sounds like things are gonna change for the better.

And taking a page out of GTA multi-player mode, or pretty much extending the capacities of switching between different views / weapons touched on in Black Ops 2, there’s a “Exo-Survival” four player co-op mode. Plus by the look of the released material from the Activision camp, we seem to have some enhanced, bio-mechanical Elysium-type exo-skeleton suits in the mix. “We have the technology. We have the money…” I personally see a little bit of Halo and Mortal Kombat in there, and I already see myself cursing campers and one-trick ponies in online mode. That’s what happens when you give trolls superpowers.

And of course, we’ve got a cameo from Kevin Spacey. So expect some memorable lines, cadence and presence. Hitting us like an IED on November 4th on the Xbox One + 360, PlayStation 4 + 3 and PC. Check out the mother of all trailers below:

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