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“Doodle Games” Multi-Use Headband / Face Covering – Sublimation Morf


Keep those idle hands busy with the “Doodle Games” design on the Multi-Use, multi-faceted Headband Sublimation Morf. This awesome piece of gear can be used as a Scarf, Face Covering, Neck Gaiter, Hairband, Headscarf, windbreaker and wrist band.

The playful doodle design pattern covering every inch of the garment makes for eyepopping, stylish, visually-busy and aesthetically pleasing accessory to compliment your wardrobe. Comfortable, snug and sleek, you’ll wonder what you used to wear before getting the “Doodle Games” Multi-use headband.

The material it is made of is 100%, super-breathable polyester microfibre, moisture-wicking fabric. It is seam-free for an unbelievable level of comfort, machine washable and non-iron.

What makes it better is One size fits most (approximately 50 x 25cm). Perfect for use during sports and physical activity.


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