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Dulani Wilson 28th Feb, 2018 Gaming

“Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden” unleash their cinematic trailer headed by a Boar, a Duck and a lady with a bad skin condition

Playstation unveils the cinematic trailer for the coming turn-based combat game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. And the animals …


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Dulani Wilson 24th Feb, 2018 Gaming

“Layers of Fear: Legacy” comes to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo unveiled the trailer for the game Layers Of Fear: Legacy. And it seems this is the end result of …


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Dulani Wilson 7th Feb, 2018 Gaming

“Injustice 2” gets radical with its new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gameplay reveal trailer

WB Games + Netherrealm Studios + DC Comics Injustice 2 went sewer pipe deep when they revealed the contents of …


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Dulani Wilson 7th Feb, 2018 Gaming

Treyarch is reportedly working on the next instalment of “Call Of Duty” to be released later this year

After Call Of Duty: WWII release via Sledgehammer Games, there was some return to the glory days of Call Of …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Feb, 2018 Animation, Gaming, Movie

There’s a new Mario animated movie in the works

Nintendo’s relative success across the plethora of concepts, consoles and games are all but orbiting celestial bodies with the epicenter …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Feb, 2018 Gaming

Déjà vu? “Red Dead Redemption 2” is delayed. Again.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed. Again. Something that may not come as a surprise to most fans despite Rockstar’s …


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Dulani Wilson 31st Jan, 2018 Gaming

BioWare’s “Anthem” has been delayed, but EA has a fix – a new “Battlefield” game

Remember when Bioware confirmed the coming of Anthem? Well you may want to take the knee for this one until …


monster hunter: World, monster hunter, entertainment on tap, the action pixel,
Dulani Wilson 29th Jan, 2018 Gaming

“Monster Hunter: World” launch trailer gives a whole new definition to the Wild West

When you think of a promised land, most of us would think of easy sailing, no more worry or anything …


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Dulani Wilson 23rd Jan, 2018 Gaming

“God Of War” story trailer gives Kratos another chance at fatherhood, but this gift is not without peril

After the myriad of previews at E3 and conventions, Santa Monica decides to christen fans with the official story trailer …


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Dulani Wilson 18th Jan, 2018 Gaming, Movie

Lara Croft is on the verge of fulfilling her destiny in “Tomb Raider” trailer #2

Warner Bros. has unveiled the second trailer for the Tomb Raider rebooted franchise, which looks like an extreme case gone …


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Dulani Wilson 18th Jan, 2018 Gaming

“Memories of Mars” new trailer is all about survival

505 Games released a trailer for their open world online game Memories Of Mars, and while people may have that …


nintendo labo, first look, nintendo, the action pixel, entertainment on tap
Dulani Wilson 18th Jan, 2018 Gaming

Nintendo brings cardboard DIY crafts to another level with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of gaming tech, though history dictates – it seems – that Nintendo unfortunately …