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Keanu Reeves wants in on a Comic Book Movie. And Marvel and DC are both in the running

Is Reeves trying to dominate both side of the aisles, or is there a bigger play?



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john wick 4, keanu reeves, the action pixel, john wick chapter 4, featured, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,

John Wick star Keanu Reeves has been the subject of many a fan dream-cast when it comes to comic book movies, and it is apparent he also has interest that lies on both sides of the aisle. It’s no secret. Reeves has revealed he has had talks with Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios over interest of playing, ironically, the character that never seems to age – Wolverine.

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However on the DC side, Keanu Reeves had things seemingly lined up with word of the reinvigorated sequel project that spent previous years floating in Hollywood development purgatory. Of course we are talking about Constantine 2. This however, existed before the James Gunn meteorite. So what is the state of the project now.

Keanu Reeves has given us an update on that too, claiming he has had discussions with co-CEO of DCU Studios James Gunn about the Constantine 2 feature. The response according to Reeves was positive, if not open to the concept of bringing in the sequel. Nevertheless, Elseworld is likely to be the house and banner that such a film. Though the risk of Elseworld being a testing and dumping ground for DC films, whilst massaging political connections, runs extremely high in my opinion.

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Nevertheless, Reeves interest is likely not to decipate when it comes to starring in a comic book movie, but one could insinuate his interest in the best doing it is nothing but research and testing the waters to brings back a game plan for his own crafted BRZRKR series and planned film offshoots.

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