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Superman No more. Henry Cavill is no longer the Hope of DC movies

The only casualty of the DCEU worth mourning



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Many patrons of the Snyderverse have in recent times have tried their darnedest to re-instate the director as overseer of DCEU’s future. Somer resorting to the same hashtag-bot tactics that helped the fostering of the cultish Justice League’s Snyder Cut. Alas, we knew this day was coming with the DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safron. We only wondered whether the new DC Studio heads would opt in for a fast dismantling of the DCEU or a slow death. They chose hard and fast.

And it did not become more apparent than with the death of Superman. Just weeks earlier they – mostly the Rock – pumped up the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. Followed by what surely was a bittersweet social media post from Cavill himself, that DC Comics itself publicised.

Cavill is Superman. But we also know the disappointment and tainted possibilities and the resulting failure that parasitically rode in on his curtails. If the cut from the Cut was to happen, it had to be surgical and clean. That means anything that remotely act as a reminder of what was. Now Cavill is no longer Superman.

Apparently, Superman in this coming DCU will be younger and will focus on his early years as a reporter for the Daily Bugle.

And with talks of Cavill being edited out of The Flash feature coming up and the lingering death throes of the DCEU set to roll out in the new year, the soreness of DCEU’s death will remain for quite a while for the the Man of Steel that exemplified the best of what could have been.

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