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Snyder’s “Justice League” likely to be rated R… and Batman has at least one fucks to give

Rated R, for remix



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Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League according to reports, is likely to get a cinematic release alongside it streaming on HBO Max. The runtime is 4 hours, which of course for one sitting is kinda nuts. But not only do you have to look forward to holding in your bodily fluids, but you may get to see more of on-screen bodily fluids as the Snyder-effort is likely to be rated R for violence, in Snyder’s talk with Entertainment Weekly:

Here’s one piece of information nobody knows: The movie is insane and so epic and is probably rated R — that’s one thing I think will happen, that it will be an R-rated version, for sure,” Snyder told EW. “We haven’t heard from the MPAA, but that’s my gut.


And you’ll likely have to cover your ears too, because profanity is abound and Batman, as one would expect, has a potty-mouth dropping the f-bomb. That is ‘fuck’. Or dirivative of the word fuck. Motherfucker, fucker, fucking, fucks, fuckery, fucktard or of the likes:

There’s one scene where Batman drops an F-bomb. Cyborg is not too happy with what’s going on with his life before he meets the Justice League, and he tends to speak his mind. And Steppenwolf is pretty much just hacking people in half. So [the rating would be due to] violence and profanity, probably both.

ZACK SNYDER, director of DC + hbo max’s “Justice league”
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The Justice League Snyder Cut gratuitous violence and long runtimes are to be expected, but what this meansfor DC going forward, especially a pass is seemingly given to remix a film that already debuted. So does a re-edit and some vfx retouches constitute a new film or Hollywood’s version of being a snake-oil salesman.

More as things develop.

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