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“Rick And Morty” Season 4 has begun production

Wubba lubba dub dub!



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Season 4, bitches! One for each middle-fingered greeting.

It has been a hot minute since the cliff hanger of Rick And Morty Season 3, and the Adult Swim phenomenon has been on the quiet side, save for the RTJ music video promo thing they had.

Now great news surfaces on the progress of Season 4. Animation production has officially started on the series. Which, taken into consideration the time the team typically takes in creating the series, the time we are looking at is circa 6 months to possibly a year.

The shows animation supervisor Eric Bofa Nfon went to social media to announce that work has commenced on the Rick And Morty show, his message followed by the hashtag #RaM4.

All we have to say is let the nihilism, existentialism and sadistic humour commence.

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