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“Inhumans” film removed from its release schedule



inhumans, marvel, disney, the action pixel, @theactionpixel

inhumans, marvel, disney, the action pixel, @theactionpixel

Disney has now officially removed the upcoming Marvel movie Inhumans from its previously scheduled release. According to Deadline, the film that was previously expected to hit theatres on July 12th 2019 now has no release date whatsoever.

This development doesn’t signal the death of the movie, as a script has already been written by Black Panther and Crime Story writer Joe Robert Cole. Now, it’s a matter of when Disney decides to revive the film, though there is no indication as of yet as to when that might be.

Well, we figured something had to give, from the addition of Ant-Man and The Wasp film to the MCU + the continuous re-shifting of premiere dates of and Black Panther.

But though Marvel’s Kevin Feign says the project is delayed, he has said the prospect of the project being ditched is zero. For Inhumans, it’s more a matter of timing.

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