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Gotham casts Kristen Hager as Nora Fries



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nora fries krysten hager. the action pixel.gotham.  foxRecently we found out that House Of Cards would be playing Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze in Gotham. Now we know who will be playing his future frozen damsel. Actor Kristen Hager is set to play Victor’s wife Nora Fries.

In the prolific animated Batman series, Nora entered the DC universe and gave Victor Fries a redeemable trait that had us feeling all sorts of sad. See, Nora was terminally ill and the only way Fries could save her was to have her cryogenically frozen whilst trying to find a cure. But the CEO of the company that funded Fries research shut down Nora’s cryogenic chamber which obviously was the only thing keeping her alive, the bastard. Which is what pushed Fries over the edge into villainy.

Character description of Nora Fries on Fox’s Gotham reads:

Thanks to her smarts, sincerity and a lighthearted sensibility, she’s the only person who’s managed to connect with the otherwise emotionally cold cryogenicist. As her condition worsens and her husband becomes more desperate to save her life, Nora must make the ultimate choice: play the willing participant in Victor’s mad plan or sacrifice herself to stop the monster inside of him.

So it’s safe to say Nora is what stands between Gotham and a cold day in hell.

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Gotham‘s ‘Rise of the Villains’ airs on FOX Mondays 8/7c


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