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HBO + Zack Snyder said to be discussing possible Watchmen TV series



Watchmen. alan moore. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

watchmen_logoAccording to an article via Collider, Zack Snyder maybe in talks with HBO on producing a TV series based on the prolific Watchmen comic. Of course Snyder directed the feature film in 2009 based on said comic, which, without knowing the source material, I can understand how one could get lost.

Watchmen. alan moore. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelAnd as far as the specualted series, there is no news as to whether it is to have a narrative just set in the universe, or if it is more along the lines of the Before Watchmen comic series. Sequel, Prequel, spin-off? Who knows. But if HBO is involved, there’s a pretty chance it will be prolific beyond measure.

But Zack, you have a busy timetable ahead with DCU’s Justice League.

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