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The Killing Joke could very well be rated R



batman the killing joke. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. dc comics

batman the killing joke. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. dc comicsWith the like of Batman: Bad Blood, animation in the WB / DC Comics camp are pretty much up there. Well it seems with the coming of recently greenlit The Killing Joke animation set to rock the DC Comics animation realm, news has come down from the DC panel at NYCC that it could very well be rated R.

James Tucker on the Batman: Bad Blood panel stated that DC has given the option for The Killing Joke to be R rated, but he has also made it clear that this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be.

But in any case, knowing that we have the option to go full ham is an exciting premise enough.

And of course we know Mark Hamill is set to play the Joker and Kevin Conroy is a fan favourite to return as the titular voice of Batman.

“So what do you guys think? Does an R-rating make Batgirl fans cringe? Or will it be an appropriate rating to encompass and stay true to the essence of the classic graphic novel? Let us know in the comment section”