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Groot and Thor Corp of Battlefield enter Marvel Future Fight



groot thor. marvel future fight. netmarble. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

groot thor. marvel future fight. netmarble. the action pixel. @theactionpixelGroots transformation in Marvel Future Fight is definitely on for the books as the loveable one-word talking plant-tree-humanoid has the power of the gods behind the blighting nature of… well… nature.

Description reads:

Heroes Sporting New Duds as Battleworld Comes to Marvel Future Fight. Check out Groot and the Thor Corps’s new Secret Wars uniforms in the hit new mobile game!

Secret Wars brought a wealth of alternate-universe heroes and villains into the Marvel Universe, and its arrival in Marvel Future Right is no different! Harken back to Marvel 1602 with Angela, check in with Groot and the Thor Corps of Battleworld, renew your vows with Spidey, or fend of the hordes of Marvel Zombies with Venom. This is just the first batch of new looks for your heroes, and we’ll have a close look at the next set as the Secret Wars event rages on.

Check out the trailer in the player below:


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