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League of Extraordinary Gentleman lead will be a Gentle Lady



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league of Extraordinay Gentlemen . the action pixel. @theactionpixelIt came to light a couple weeks back that FOX would be remaking the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Now it’s seems to be going the right way in terms of taking it back to the basics and emulating the core parts of the comic. John Davis, who will be producing League of Extraordinary Gentleman spoke at the recent Television Critics Association press tour stating the revamp would be closer to Alan Moore’s classic series, having a lead female role:

Just by going back to the roots and making it authentic to what the fan base was really excited about. It’s female-centric, which I think is interesting. I love female characters, point-of-view characters in action movies. I thought Mad Max was great. I think you can always find a fresh way of doing something and going back to the basics. What is that people love? What is it that made them love the property in the first place?

In the comics, the lead female role was that of Mina Harker, whilst in the failed comic film, the protagonist was Sean Connery’s character Allan Quatermain.

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