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Telltale Games + Marvel venture set to take on console games



marvel . telltale games. the action pixel. @theactionpixelMarvel teased via Twitter about an impending gaming venture, partnering with Telltale Games. Telltale Games is know for its prolific decisional gaming, with the likes of The Walking Dead, Vertigo’s Wolf Among Us and Game Of Thrones.

Now it’s come to light the dual venture is setting out to make new Marvel games aimed at nex-gen consoles. Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann says the resulting games will “strive for authenticity” and “will feel exquisite” and be “celebrated by Marvel fans.” Phrases like “eye-popping” and “feel well built and hand-crafted” were also thrown around, which is cool, but Marvel may definitely need more the any decisional-type game to catch up and compete with the likes of Injustice or Batman: Arkham Knight.

Marvel’s done well in the comic and film department. That’s a given. But video games is the only media plateau that Marvel has yet to conquer. So it’s obvious Marvel is matching their IPs with Telltale Games success in hopes of creating a prolific monster.

So long as they don’t give us anything like the Spider-Man video games they’ve churned out. Oh boy. Because like Lee in The Walking Dead Season 1, we will remember this.

The Marvel + Telltale Games project comes out in 2017

“What narratives and characters are you thinking Marvel will employ in the Telltale venture? Well you know what we think it should probably be. But what do you think?


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