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Grand Theft Auto 5 preload begins today



grand theft auto v. @theactionpixel the action pixel. rockstar

grand theft auto v. @theactionpixel the action pixel. rockstarGrand Theft Auto 5‘s PC release is coming in April 14. So finally PC gamers can get a taste of the game, but those who have pre-ordered Rockstar’ GTA V will be able to preload the game as of today, April 7.

The preload can be done through either Rockstar, Warehouse or Steam. But you better have a lot of space, as you have to have a minimum of 65 GB free space on your HDD. On Xbox One/PS4, GTA 5 initial download was just north of 40 GB.

gta v Online Heist. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelHeists Online certainly will be a highpoint for the PC version for sure.

See the latest trailer teasing the coming of GTA 5 to PC. Like a boss:


Grand Theft Auto 5 comes to PC April 14th 2015


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