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Ms. Marvel gets Perlman and LeFauve to write the script



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ms Marvel. The Action Pixel. @TheActionpixel.There is that proverbial saying when God closes a door, he opens a window. It was reported that Michelle MacLaren left the Wonder Woman film as director over creative differences. Her presence as one of the best directors to do it and being a woman at the helm of the film set to bring the most icon representation of womanhood and feminism, the Amazonian Princess, it seemed like a match in heaven. But having left over “creative differences”, it raised a lot of questions, particular of MacLaren’s next move and the Wonder Woman’s film narrative as a whole.

But it seems MacLaren is destined to produce a comic book film with a strong female lead, as across the comic pond over at Marvel, things are in full gear for the production Ms. Marvel. Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige is reportedly eyeing female writing duo Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve to script the film. Perlman is also set to pen the Gamora comic series coming out on Marvel.

And to direct? Michelle MacLaren is already rumoured to be a top contender.

Ms Marvel has made some stride in challenging issues of gender in comics, from simple things like female body issues to strong female character leads. So it is only fair MacLaren make her stamp in the comicsphere.

And with Wonder Woman off the tables, she’ll definitly have time to dedication to bring the Air Force pilot Carol Danvers to the screen.

Ms. Marvel has a November 2nd 2018 release


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