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Artist De Witt’s Album Art / Comic crossover



banner_nightcrawler. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

This here post has to be a solid salute for German artist Uwe De Witt, who combined his love for great music (or should we say, classic music album art) and the comic book. He has managed to recreat classic album renders with comic boook heroes and characters. Lovely, though he has more of a penchant for Marvel characters, We do see a Doctor Manhattan from Vertigo /DC in there. So from Daredevil to Spiderwoman, Nicki Minaj to the Beetles, all is represented in these awesome renders. Check it out:, du witts. the action pixel @theactionpixelbeetles_ghostridersdaredevil_westsidedrmanhattanloureedfantasticfour_gorillazgalactusKeanemobyplay_nightcrawlernickiminaj_spiderwomanprofessorxultron_aerosmith
Reminds us of the classic DC variant covers / movie poster renders. Awesome work.

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