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Destiny‘s vault expansion patch is not Xbox 360 / PS3 friendly



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destiny. the action pixel. @theactionpixel . BungieDue to the limited capabilities of the Xbox 360 / PS3, Bungie had to make a decision re: compromise to allow fans access to their new vault patch update. So while, yes, fans can access vault expansion via the update, it will be at the cost of the item comparison feature.

For all players, whatever your platform, vault space increases from 20 to 24 for both armour and general items” categories, and weapons space increases into 36 from the initial 20. Brad Fish, the game’s engineering lead for user interface however tells Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers to partake in the new update comes at a price:

We had a choice, leave the Vault as-is, or find some kind of compromise to enable it safely. We weighed the options, with player feedback in mind, and decided to move forward with the expansion by disabling the item comparison feature within the Vault on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Vault was expanded to accomodate the needs of 21 percent of Destiny‘s core gamers who are at level 30 and have limited slots available for weapons.

Item comparison isn’t affected on PS4 and Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 firmware update that launched this Thursday has a Suspend and Resume feature won’t work with Destiny. That functionality will be delivered when Update 1.1.2 arrives in April. At around this time Bungie will launch of the “House of Wolves” DLC expansion.

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