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Kyle Rayner walks towards the White Light



white lantern kyle rayner. dc comics, the action pixel @theactionpixel

white lantern kyle rayner. dc comics, the action pixel @theactionpixelDC’s Convergence has Batman going all mecha, and like Superman’s new Superflare power wasn’t enough, he got a new hair cut. A hair cut!

white lantern kyle rayner. dc comics, the action pixel @theactionpixelBut it seems the new comic arc will be offing a few heroes too. Kyle Rayner is set to be killed off. Omega Men, a new solicitation for the first new publication reads:

The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They’ve murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! Who are these intergalactic criminals – and is there more to their actions than meets the eye?

One could see this move as a DC Cinematic Universe angling for who’ll take the spot come 2020 in the Green Lantern film. Think about it. With John Stewart MIA in the comics, along with the whole Green Lantern Corp, you are pretty much left with the original Green Lantern Hal Jordon.

Sure this would make a lot of comic book fans happy to build on the first Earth’s Green Lantern. And Michelle Rodriguez.

DC also drops most of the GL titles as after Convergence leaving only Green Lantern: The Lost Army and Sinestro, which is kinda Green Lantern-y right? The balls on DC right now are oxen-grade.

Omega Men from DC Comics launches in June 2015

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