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Better Call Saul “Client Development” digital comic



Better Call Saul "Client Development". the action pixel @theactionpixel amc

Breaking Bad, even though the final season has aired and passed, is still the binge worthy series. oh Walt, you devious devious man you. So when Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul was announced, we were at the very least intrigued. And when AMC released the first trailer for the Better Call Saul series recently, we thought about maybe cancelling all other engagements to see Saul repeatedly kick a metal garbage bin and deliver his lawyer sleaze straight into our veins. What’s not to love?

Better Call Saul "Client Development". the action pixel @theactionpixel amcBut if you’re still aching to get your fix of Mr. Fixit Saul Goodman before the series premiere, it may just interest you that the lawyer has got a digital comic book, which is out now for fans to read ahead of the series premier.

The narrative in Better Call Saul “Client Development” comic is a precursor to the actual live-action series, and will help fans ease into the antics of the first premiere episode. And like the live-action series is set to do, ties in past Breaking Bad events into the narrative.

You can read the Better Call Saul “Client Development” comic here. Just remembered how much I miss Mike. Dude was so boss.

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