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Avengers: Age Of Ultron International Poster



Avengers: age Of Ultron poster. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThe new Avenger Poster managed to capture a whirlwind of chaos and turmoil, topped with a god-like Vision hovering in the epicentre of destruction while the Avenger huddle to stand their ground. Most notable in the foreground is Captain America played by Chris Evans, complete with “Nicholas Cage” face and some weird Avengers’ branding on his shoulder, and Quicksilver looking oddly in the wrong direction of the action and direction of the rest of the characters on the poster.

The American poster, for Americans, proudly flaunts the Cap’n in the foreground. The international posters… not so much:Avengers: age Of Ultron international poster. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

The Cap’n recedes behind Iron Man and seems much smaller compared to Thor, despite being technically in front of him. Some comp issues. Unless the poster was set to be more of a collage than perspective-accurate. And apparently the rest of the world could use less turmoil, as the international poster is also bereft of the signature debris and strewn bodies of the American poster. Hell even the most iconic elements of Captain America’s garb, the white star on chest and shield, taking their cues from the American flag, are conveniently blotted out by the Red-Gold tin man and dust and smoke.

So what do you think? Reading too much into the design or is this the result of a PC-machine churning overtime?

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