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Starbound gives fans a real game update in almost 1 year



starbound Penguins. the action pixel. @theactionpixel Chucklefish

starbound Banner Update. The action pixel. @theactionpixelStarbound unleashed an update for the game back in March last year, and since then the game has been pretty dormant in the updating department. It seems instead of dolling out mini updates here and their, Chucklefish opted for a new, stable colossal update that will be a welcomed addition to the gaming experience. We got a sense of the massive overhaul planned for the game in their Winter Update Trailer late last year:

Fans can expect upgrades in the weapons and armour systems, as well as barren planets where gamers can do some large-scale building. Ship upgrade and AI tweaks too and a score-more.

Chucklefish’s “mollygos” wrote to fans about the new update:

Because of all these changes, we recommend that everyone start a new character. The game has changed so drastically that you’d miss out on most of the new content if you simply used an old character. As a result, the launcher will automatically rename your old data. We may be releasing external tools in the next few weeks to import and convert these files to approximately equivalent characters, but unless and until then they will be unusable.

The Starbound update is now available for fans.

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