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naut. video game. the action pixel. @theActionPixel

naut. video game. the action pixel. @theActionPixelnaut. video game. the action pixel. @theActionPixelEveryone loves a awesome roadtrip. Hell, it’s a right of passage for anyone with a car. Just you and the open road. Well, what better way to sedate your wanderlust with the awesome free game Naut.

naut. video game. the action pixel. @theActionPixelIn Naut, you get to wander around aimlessly through the vast landscape pink sands and velvet purple skies. There is life on Mars, and you explore the vast deserts in you lovely automobile, taking in the ever-changing sights. We are talking days, sunsets, nights, and thunderstorm. Those seizure-inducing flashing thunderstorms. Plus you can have a natter with the odd alien in the houses scattered all across the desert.

Very Sandbox-y feel, with an almost No Man’s Sky type palette to it, but obviously simpler in design, but just as fun.

And don’t worry if you crash and flip your car. Just flip the car over Halo-style. Very sandbox-y type game, definitely for the explorers of heart.

The Naut game by Titouan Millet is available for free download here.

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