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Elite: Dangerous



We have seen a resurgence in the human fascination with the vastness of space. The sheer terror of floating in the the abyss like survival horror Alien: Isolation, or the exploration of vast and sprawling worlds in the likes of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. No we can look forward to Frontier’s new space sim Elite: Dangerous.

elite dangerous. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelFrontier, the producers of Elite: Dangerous raised a tidy sum of £1.5 million via crowdsourcing over the past 24 months, and have finally launched the game. gamers can take on various tasks (mostly delivery based), warping through star systems and galaxies. But whatever the job may be, your travel undoubtedly will be populated with glorious sights.

The game recently released its 1.0 update, though not much different from the gamma version previously released. But we surely can get the cosmonaut on for £40 / $60. We guess even NASA couldn’t do you a better deal.

Check out Frontier’s Elite: Dangerous trailer in the player below:


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