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yhwh. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

yhwh. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelWe came across this powerful animated piece, a piece that speaks to the driving force behind our desires, yearnings and action. The animation YHWH is a beautiful mixture of 2D and 3D, back by a powerful spoken word that speaks to the power of Yahweh. That’s Hebrew for ‘God’ by the way.

It is a lovely animated piece, and we enjoyed its various seamless transitions that merged both the power of the image and the word create an awe-inspiring audiovisual.

yhwh. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelThe spoken word was by poet Sh’maya, with animations provided by Josh Studebaker,Anthony Madlangbayan, Jay Kee, Blake Fawley, Wes Kandel, Eric Demeusy, Dan Stevers, Paul Slemmer, Handel Eugene, David Stanfield, Ronald Rabideau and Matthew Borrett in a project that spanned 6 months.

Watch the short animation YHWH in the player below:


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