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codehunters. Ben Hibon. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel.

codehunters. Ben Hibon. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel.The Codehunters was a short animation made by Ben Hibon for MTV Asia and was broadcast as both a standalone short film and used to brand the MTV Asia Music Video Awards.

We came across it again and just remembered how good it was, particularly the texture and design of the dystopian environment. The cel-shaded treatment may have been the original inspiration for Gearbox and their Borderland franchise, as the similarities are uncanny!

Codehunters features a ragtag bunch of delinquents, bringing together a vagabond, an incarcerated pyromaniac child, a powerhouse and a small town waitress, among some ugly dust devils. They all converge on a precious piece of cargo in transit, but not without some ‘hiccoughs’ along the way. But what could the prize on the inside be?

Check out the short animation Codehunters in the player below:


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