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Blood Sport: Bleed while you play



blood sport. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

blood sport. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelOkay, so we know crowdfunding campaigns have connected some creatives with well deserved funds to catapult their innovative projects. Then of course there are projects that make a mockery of the whole system that gets funded even more than they should be. Like that guy that wanted to make an egg salad and got a couple grand over his asking limit. Jesus.

But even then, our tolerance for ‘WTF’ moments was hit from the blindspot with this crowdsourcing campaign. A gaming system… that draws blood everytime you take critical damage in a game. It’s called Blood Sport. Cute.

blood sport. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelWe guess it is to make drawing and donating of blood fun again, which is all good. And that is what the system is built for: collecting blood for donation purposes. But this just opens a whole Pandora’s box of nagging logistical questions, like:

  1. 1. What happens if you totally suck at a game

  3. 2. It obviously has no application to home entertainment, so would this be in hospitals only? And if your in the States, do parents have to pay for how long the game lasts?

  5. 3. Seems like something that could be tampered with way too easily by non-medical professionals, or will the game come with a clear pictorial guide. Be warned, I struggle at times putting Ikea funiture together. (is this even a question?)

  7. 4. What nurse is going to wait around for a bad-ass 12 year old with the screenname DeathBringer1125 who deals out carnage to everyone in the game lobby during gameplay to get hit enough to get a vial of blood from him for tests?

  9. 5. Extra sensory peripheral aids are usually reward-incentive based. Who wants to lose their blood!?

  11. 6. What about gamers who get really animated during gameplay? Needles could rip right the f*ck out.

Well, we sure the inventors Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson gave some thought to these things and did their best to answer them but that matters little now seeing Kickstarter pulled their funding campaign down for now. But we could see this being a thing, playing somebody you hate… yep. Okay. Yep. Imagine how brutal a simple game of Mortal Kombat X between you and your brother will be now?

See their Kickstarter campaign here, if you want to donate some of your hard, blue-blood cold cash towards some BS.

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