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Marvel vs. Attack On Titan presents Female Titan



Marvel/ Attack On Titan

Marvel/ Attack On TitanWest and East collided in a cultured exchange when we received news of a Marvel’s Universe / Attack On Titan crossover became reality.

Artist Gerardo Sandoval who is the line artist attached to the colossal crossover project released a limited edition print going on sale at Mexico City’s Festo Comic event. Female Titan, the sexy monstrosity is seen giving the ol’ one-two to soldiers. But we are sure Hajime Isayama’s manga drafting the Marvel team into the mix may help tip the scales in our favour. But on the other hand, we do like tall women…

Female Titan in Marvel / Attack On Titan comic. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel The landmark crossover comic was published by Magazine House’s Brutus magazine over this weekend and will see Marvel vets like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy match titan-will against real Titans, Female, Colossal, Armoured and others with New York as a backdrop for the carnage. I’d hate to see the bill for that clean-up.

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