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Marvel to launch ‘Gamora’ series, writer Nicole Perlman reattached to the franchise



gamora cover art. The ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

gamora cover art. The ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelThe most lethal woman in all the galaxies is set to be immortalised in her own series Gamora . This comes after the obvious success of Guardians of the Galaxy in cinemas and needing to further explore the character-rich brand. As such, Marvel has attached the same writer involved in the cinema release, Nicole Perlman.

Marvel has seemingly been trying to diversify their writing pool in recent times, with the whole “Women of Marvel” and, well, CM Punk.

Perlman gives her intent and hints at the narrative strands she will be exploring in the upcoming Gamora series:

This book will reference experiences from Gamora’s past, which helped her become the woman she is today. It is an action-packed character piece, really giving time to reflect upon Gamora’s psychology…
In the movie, Gamora is the ethical engine of the team—yet ironically is also the one with the most innocent blood on her hands… At what point did she decide, “enough is enough?” These are the questions we are going to explore, through a story told in the present day

Check out the exclusive cover art for Gamora issue one, a classic render by Francesco Mattina that is damn near immaculate:

gamora cover art.  The ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

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