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Softbank offers to buy Dreamworks



Dreamworks gets a purchase offer from Softbank @

Dreamworks gets a purchase offer from Softbank @ theactionpixel.comIt seems after 2 years on and off trying to find a buyer, Dreamworks seemed to catch the eye of a suitable trick interested party willing to buy in. The guys that taught us how to train a dragon meets an eastern persuasion in Softbank, a Japanese Telecommunication company. Softbank has entered the negotiation ring with an offer of $32 a share. For us non-trading laymans, that places the Dreamworks deal, if it goes ahead, at a modest price of $3.4 billion. Not bad for Hollywood’s smallest movie studio. They only make an average of 1 – 2 films a year, but still manage to be the only top tier rival to that Disney company called Pixar. But that’s the beauty of animation. It’s always about quality, even more so than quantity.

Despite Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda and Madagascar in Dreamworks impressive canon, recent films like Turbo and that-talking-dog-who-has-a-son-time-travel film were almost dead in the water. So maybe this sale, if it goes through will revitalise the company’s goals, maybe focus of smaller, television-based projects. Or this could all be another consumption that shoves another creative company into obscurity. But hey, time will tell.

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