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Madison McLaughlin ,artemis,arrow, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 23rd Jun, 2016 Comics, TV

CW’s “Arrow” casts Madison McLaughlin as Artemis

Actress Madison McLaughlin is set to return to the Arrow series season 5, surely to try and top her memorable …


got, game of thrones, preview, season 6, Episode 10, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, hbo, trailer, @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 20th Jun, 2016 TV

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 Episode #10 Preview

Things come to a head in GoT as HBO showcases a preview of the finale episode of Game Of Thrones …


charlie cox. daredevil. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. marvel. netflix
Dulani Wilson 19th Jun, 2016 Comics, Movie, TV

“Daredevil” Charlie Cox contributes his poor “Han Solo” audition to his lack of making eye-contact

Looks like all of Charlie Cox’s time in Hells Kitchen has affected his ability to act in another Disney-owned universe… …


negan, episode 616, the walking dead, season 6, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 19th Jun, 2016 Comics, TV

“The Walking Dead” has recorded multiple deaths of principal cast being killed by Negan

There has been many hypotheses and fan theories surrounding who Negan actually killed with his trusty Lucille in the recent …


TYLER HOECHLIN, SUPERMAN, casting , cast, supergirl, cw, cbs, the cw network, the cw, entertainment on tap, the action pixel, superman, supergirl, dc comics,
Dulani Wilson 17th Jun, 2016 Comics, TV

Tyler Hoechlin cast as Superman in CW’s “Supergirl” Season 2

Looks like we’ll be seeing more than Superman’s silhouette come season 2 of Supergirl. Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin has been …


batman 66, the avengers, mrs peel, john steed, batman, robin, batman 66, dc comics, boom studios, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 7th Jun, 2016 Comics, TV

“Batman ’66” crossovers with “The Avengers”

Looks like DC Comics’ Batman is set for a crossover with The Avengers. No, not those Avengers. DC Comics launched …


preacher, promo, s1e2, trailer, amc, entertainment on tap, vertigo comics, the action pixel,
Dulani Wilson 3rd Jun, 2016 Comics, TV

AMC’s “Preacher” S1 E2 promo released

Preacher has been off to a great start with it’s pilot. Now AMC release a teaser for episode 2 which …


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Dulani Wilson 1st Jun, 2016 Comics, Reviews, TV

TAP Reviews | “Preacher” S1 E1: Pilot

AMC is known for doling out the high brow adaptation of comic book franchise, with the likes of The Walking …


mirror's edge ,catalyst, mirrors edge, closed beta, beta, the action pixel, @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 26th May, 2016 Gaming, TV

“Mirror’s Edge” game franchise being made into a TV series

Mirror’s Edge seems to being making death-defiant leaps from our gaming screens to our TV screens in the form of …


fear twd, episode 208, fear the walking dead, twd , image comics, the walking dead, preview, trailer, amc, midseason premiere, the action pixel , entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 24th May, 2016 Comics, TV

“Fear the Walking Dead” Episode 208 preview

AMC released a preview of episode of the Fear The Walking Dead when it resurfaces this August. Description reads: AMC’s …


preacher , amc, tulip, cassidy, vertigo comics, dc comics, entertainment on tap, dominic cooper, jesse custer, tulip,
Dulani Wilson 23rd May, 2016 Comics, TV

“Preacher” releases ‘See’ Official Sneak Peek of S1 E2

Preacher hit with power of the Almighty yesterday, now AMC gives us a taste of the coming rapture in the …


star trek, Logo, tv series, cbs, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 19th May, 2016 TV

CBS Teaser reveals logo for new “Star Trek” TV series

CBS has released a teaser showcasing the logo for the upcoming new TV series of Star Trek. Bryan Fuller is …